Hearing Support Service

Routine maintenance of NHS issued hearing aids, support and advice on their use

Hear for Norfolk is dedicated to improving the emotional wellbeing, communication, and the overall quality of life of people with all degrees of hearing loss and related conditions.

To achieve this, we offer an outreach Hearing Support Service (maintenance of NHS issued hearing aids), which is delivered across Norfolk by a small team of staff and a dedicated group of trained and experienced volunteers.

We are providing this accessible service through:

Community-based clinics

Home visits (for housebound people)

Mobile Clinics

Telephone Support

The community-based and mobile clinics are run on a drop-in basis from a range of locations across Norfolk.

As part of this support we are able to either:

  • Provide you with the supplies (batteries, tubes, domes, filters) if you are able to independently carry out the maintenance of your NHS issued hearing aids or have a family member or a friend who is able to help you OR
  • Help you with the maintenance of your hearing aids by:
    • Carrying out routine maintenance and repairs of hearing aids, including cleaning ear moulds, supply and replacement of plastic tubing between the hearing aid and the ear mould / dome, top hooks and filters.
    • Providing guidance on the use of hearing aids to maximise performance.
    • Signposting users and their families to other specialist services, as required.
    • Supplying hearing aid batteries.
    • Providing follow up support for new hearing aid users to ensure they can fit the hearing aid correctly and gain a better understanding of how to use the controls.
    • Providing information and advice on the available assistive listening devices.
    • Providing emotional and wellbeing support to service users and their families.


With this service we are able to maintain hearing aids issued by the following NHS providers: Norfolk & Norwich University Hospital, James Paget University Hospital, Queen Elizabeth Hospital, West Suffolk Hospital, Scrivens, Specsavers, the Outside Clinic, Coleman Opticians and out of area NHS providers.

Please note that we do not carry out the maintenance of privately purchased hearing aids.

As part of this service, we are also offering Ear Otoscopy, which is aimed at screening individuals’ ears for the presence of earwax and provide appropriate recommendations. The screening is performed by appropriately trained and experienced staff. Otoscopy clinics run from 1-3pm every Wednesday by appointment only.

Making an appointment

For an appointment or more information please call 01603 404440 or email appointments@hearfornorfolk.org.uk or complete the form below.

While we will try our best to schedule your appointment at the date and time you request above we cannot guarantee this. We will contact you to confirm your exact appointment date.
Patient Feedback

What our service users say

“I cannot speak highly enough of the fantastic service I received this morning. At 10am I realised one of my hearing aids was not working, checked battery and rang the Hear for Norfolk. It was recommended I came to have tube checked.

By 11.30 I was back at home with the aid working from a new tube and I was given replacement tubes for both aids. Apart from the relief as I am singing in a concert tonight, I am amazed at how quickly I was seen with great courtesy and support.

Thank you once again Hear for Norfolk. Long may you last. It is a refreshing after dubious service normally given by large prosperous organisations! Your gratefully”

“To all the staff at Hear for Norfolk.
Thank you for all your help with our darling mother who died peacefully at home with dignity and grace. Her hearing aids transformed her life in the last months. 

They were so much more comfortable and she could hear the birds singing in the garden. She could also hear us when we rang her on the phone such a joy to us. 

You were all so kind, patient, efficient and caring, and she enjoyed her visits to see you all.”

“Thank you so, so, so much.  You are all wonderful and I am truly grateful.  Not being able to hear is worse than Covid.”

“Great service from start to finish, I can hear, and I think what you are doing is remarkable. To be seen on a Sunday and during Covid is exceptional, Thank you!”

“A big THANK YOU for sorting out my father’s home visit this morning to help with the maintenance of his hearing aids. Really quick and super service.”