Useful Links

This  page contains a list of useful websites that allow you  find out more about services and products available to help you in living with hearing loss. However, Hear for Norfolk cannot be held responsible for any content or views expressed on these sites.

Support and advice

The Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust Audiology Department.

Action on Hearing Loss is a charitable organization working on behalf of the UK’s 9 million deaf and hard of hearing people.

The British Tinnitus Association (BTA) is a world leader, with a trained team of friendly and experienced advisers for anyone who experiences tinnitus or those simply seeking guidance or information about the condition

British Deaf Association – The home of the largest UK Deaf organisation run by Deaf people for Deaf people. You’ll find all the latest news and information here, along with a list of the BDA Board of Trustees and a regular monthly feature from the Chairman.

Norfolk County Council Sensory Support – Services for people with sight and hearing difficulties are available in Norfolk from statutory and voluntary organisations. The agencies meet regularly to discuss the sensory needs of Norfolk people and plan how to deliver an effective service.

Deaf Connexions – A voluntary organisation working in Norfolk to provide a range of services to support deaf people and their families through the provision of information, and communication support.

Age UK (previously known as Age Concern) – The UK’s largest charity working with and for older people.

Hearing Times- An independent newspaper, published 10 times per year. You may subscribe on line to this free publication which is full of interesting articles and stories.

West Norfolk Deaf Association – WNDA is a local charity supporting Deaf and hard of hearing people in West Norfolk.

Norwich Deaf Club – Greetings and welcome to the Norwich and Norfolk Deaf Social and Sport Club website. We hope you will find everything you need to know here, including our events.

Norwich Deaf Youth Club – This web site is for the deaf youth club community to provide a central point of information for all users of the deaf club.

Equal lives (previously Norfolk Coalition Of Disabled People) – Equality, Dignity. Working for the Independence, Equality and Human Rights of Disabled People in Norfolk.

Assistive technology suppliers

Hear for Norfolk have been given a range of devices from the suppliers listed here. This helps you to try before you buy and helps Hear for Norfolk because the suppliers pay us a commission on sales. Each supplier has given us a code for shoppers to quote on their online shops. These codes are shown for each shop below:

Action on Hearing Loss are ideal for telephones, TV listeners, personal listeners and their Bellman alerting system. Code:NDA001

Connevans supply a large range of devices and accessories, including streamers and hearing aid shoes. This link takes you to a part of the Connevans website that allows you to select items that will work with the make and model of hearing aids that you have. Code: 0p0NOR21

Hearing Products International provide a comprehensive range of products to improve independent living, including door bells TV listeners and personal listeners. As a supplier or Echo products to many local authority sensory support unit, they may have many items available to extend your alerting system. Code: NDA

Sarabec supply equipment to help you listen to TV and a range of phones that work well with hearing aids. Even if you are not a hearing aid wearer, their phones tend to be clearer and may help if you struggle. They also supply alerting devices and the Fire Angel vibrating fire alarm systems. Code:NDA