Hearing Support Service

Our Hearing Support Services supports users of NHS hearing aids from any hospital or provider in the county. We are also able to support you if you are new to the area. We do this by providing a mobile clinic that pays regular visits to 28 locations throughout Central, North Norfolk, South Norfolk and East Norfolk. We also provide Community Clinics at a number of fixed locations, such as GP surgeries. The Hearing Support Service is delivered by a dedicated and knowledgeable team of volunteers who are all DBS checked.
In addition to our mobile and community clinics, for those who are less mobile, we offer a home visiting service. If this is something you need, please contact us by phoning 01603 404 440 emailing nda@hearfornorfolk.org.uk.

Making an appointment

For an appointment or more information please call 01603 404440 or email nda@hearfornorfolk.org.uk or complete the form below (including the simple sum at the bottom that protects us from spam).

Hearing Support Enquiry

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“I cannot speak highly enough of the fantastic service I received this morning. At 10am I realised one of my hearing aids was not working, checked battery and rang the NDA. It was recommended I came to have tube checked.

By 11.30 I was back at home with the aid working from a new tube and I was given replacement tubes for both aids. Apart from the relief as I am singing in a concert tonight, I am amazed at how quickly I was seen with great courtesy and support.

Thank you once again NDA. Long may you last. It is a refreshing after dubious service normally given by large prosperous organisations! Your gratefully”

- JW